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Traveler #

     These are the collected short stories of the experiences of Artemus Sol and Xenon Lunar. For any unknown or uncertain terms check the Glossary. If it is not in the Glossary, send us an email and we'll add it.

     Korag - (or Korag.doc) - Artemus is forced to face his fears | near beginning of war with Denten
     Battle at Aruman - A short story following Artemus | during the war with the Denten
     Wanderer - An open-ended snapshot of a picturesque scene
     Lost - A mysterious snapshot of an odd scene
     Just Passing Through - The initial informal introduction of Artemus and Pete

     Last Xeno - X is being hunted by the Denten
     Time Effect - X and his battle with his own life as time passes

"Sometimes a great storm starts with a whisper."
  - X

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