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The Core of Lunar|Sol

     A battle lies beneath our being. A struggle between two sides we know so well. This conflict has been shown many times over and will continue to do so until our end is met. But never has this conflict been shown so clear to you as we are attempting to do so. Each of us knows of it but defines it differently within ourselves from our own personal conflict within. Those who fight on the front lines may know just how bad it can get, but to those who are not this will open your eyes. The battle is not directly good verses evil or light verses dark because the light will always vanquish the dark. The darkness is attacking those who stand in-between it and the light. Only those standing in the middle are vulnerable to the dark. It hates itself, all those unlike it, and who ever stands in-between it and what it hates. This hate is linear and blinding. It is a bi-product of sin and, like sin, is a weapon of the darkness. Sin is like a virus that has been released and is infecting us. Spreading through us it multiplies, taking control, for all have turned aside, they have together become corrupt; there is no one who does good, not even one . Sin is a selfish desire, a desire to set one's self up as a god, and to rule thus: to rule one's self and to rule others, subject to no authority. The universe of Lunar|Sol is merely the story of those who stand on the middle-ground between the light and the darkness, some struggling against the dark and their pursuit for the light, others grasping for the dark. This story is a long and dark one. By no means do we tell it to you just as entertainment. We tell it to you so that you may open your mind to the world and see how you may overtake the darkness within your own world. At times it may not seem realistic, but most scientists of this world only claim to know what can and cannot be based on incomplete data and evasion of the non-physical, such that they might feel more secure. All the words laid on this page are of heart, soul, and mind. Do not let them pass over you like a calm breeze, but as a storm forever changing. An open mind can lead, discover, and choose their path, but a closed mind can only follow blindly.

     The story of Sol begins when he is young, on a planet in a distant part of the universe. With his parents he flees from his homeworld as it is overrun by invading demons, and falls under the care of the Elves.

     The story of Lunar starts on a small planet, with his corrupt father. His upbringing is harsh and cruel, with the only light in his life from his stepmother who has cared for him since birth. He is traded to the Denten army as a peace offering, forced into the life of a corrupted demon, and made to fight for them.

"Faithless is he that says farewell when the road darkens."
- J. R. R. Tolkien

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