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Traveler #

     Welcome to the realm of the fantastic. This is Fusion: the process by which ideas and thoughts are reformed into something new, something larger. It is a place. A place in which you the traveler can view these new worlds, these new stories. It is our desire that one day you may as well interact with these creations, these Fusions. Watch for that day.

     Sol is a burning light, shining in the darkness: a new kind of fusion. Lunar is old, born out of the fusions of the past into something different, scored with the scars of past battles. You will meet both these warriors.

If it is your first time here, you may want to check out some Background.
Or perhaps you would just like to jump into the Stories, Locations, or Artwork of the universe.
For terms or objects that you do not recognize, turn to the Glossary for reference.

"Where are we going?"
- Falinor, to Sol

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