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Traveler #

     Confectionary delights in zip format! mpgs and wavs lie within. Eat up!

     ] video [ (3.58 MB) - a series of sol being himself (9.3 MB) - random fun with the family's new digital camera (13.7 MB) - the little bro puts on a show about "Jimmy"
     Surface of the (8.58 MB) - sol's spontaneous humor, a favorite of X (< 1 MB) - A little fun of X's playing on Sol's (Andrew's) attraction to DBZ and water

     ] audio [ (228 KB) - sol discovers the magic of a crappy mic (40 KB) - sol sometimes spouts nonsense in Klingon when no one is listening (154 KB) - a relic from highschool, sol does his Jigglypuff song impression
     CS 373 (585 KB) - an AIM profile, performed by sol for all fellow CS majors

"Open your ears or tentacles or whatever orifice it is you listen with."
-John Crichton

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