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     Tasty treats from around the world! Try your tongue on this foreign feast.

     ] sites of cool people [
     sol's journal - sol's personal blog
     dyndragon - website and blog of the one and only: Hans
     thehua - website and blog of a most excellent CS major: Hua
     man is meat - blog of the amazing hit sensation: Doug
     quadrinary - blog of the first man who fed me eggs benedict: Tim the Greek
     jadegenie - blog of the sophisticated Jeanne, owner of Doug's heart

     ] fun stuff [
     homestarrunner - If you don't know what this is: go now
     8-bit theater - sol's favorite webcomic of all time. based on FF1 chars
     penny-arcade - the best webcomic about gaming out there

     ] anime [
     animesuki - a horde of BT links to many anime shows, including Naruto
     gotwoot - a group of subbers who do Naruto among other shows
     supernova - a vault of immense BT links to all kinds of things

"I link you, you link me, we can all link together."

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